Audio & Video Editing

In today’s world, a successful web site wants to have audio/video to promote themselves by showing off their services or products.

A well done video creates one of the highest search engine optimizations (SEO) available. What’s the old saying? A picture (video in this case) is worth a thousand words.

Also with the advent of smart phones, it is easier than ever to make a high quality video for your site. Once you have you video made, we can then support you in formatting it & posting it to your site. I do suggest you use YouTube and/or Vimeo platforms to host your videos. This does 2 things for you. Boosts your SEO tremendously & saves on your server space (bandwidth). They will also play on just about any of the viewing platforms out there like all the different smart phones & tablets.

If you are a podcaster or are recording your webinars we can support you by formatting & editing your audio files to have the best quality & smaller file size to optimize them for your site. This is the age-old battle of quality vs download time. If your audio does not have good enough quality or takes too long to download, you will lose your listeners. Sound quality & download speed are very important for a successful site.

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