ePub Creation

Turning Your Writing into ePubs

Many of us are writers & don’t even know it. If you write a blog, you are a writer. If you keep a journal, you are a writer. How can you turn your writing into an income stream? Creating free product to give away on your site is a time proven way to attract people to your site. I don’t know what the latest numbers are but as many as 7 out of 10 new books started as blogs. So creating a PDF or an eBook from your blogs is a great way to create product for yourself. This also supports you in your branding & marketing of your service or product.

We can support you in turning your work into PDFs or ePubs & get the posted to the various platforms such as Kindle & iBook. This is not something that many people consider as they don’t feel they are writers. This is something for you to consider as you put your project together.

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“Thanks to both of you, I’m at the Health Free­dom Expo now and its going great! The e-book def­i­nitely lends cred­i­bil­ity in the big scheme of things. I’ve got­ten an invite to speak in DC as well as par­tic­i­pate as a grass­roots lob­by­ist. It will not be bor­ing! Love you both!”

~ Dr. Mary Zennett