Time to Update My Sites

Fields of GrayAfter months of putting off work­ing on TLP, I have fin­ished updat­ing my Tim Loomis Pho­tog­ra­phy site… It seems I spend time work­ing on other people’s sites & mine get left to wither & die… Okay, maybe slightly dramatic!!!!

It feels really good to get my photo site work­ing smoothly & all the prod­ucts updated…

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How Safe is the Internet?

Heart­bleed the Virus of the moment!

Is It Safe? With the Heart­bleed Virus just announced, every­one is freak­ing out. Well it is a lit­tle late now since it has been on the inter­net for the past 2 years… Chang­ing your pass­words is always a good idea. It is just a lit­tle late for pro­tect­ing your­self now… Here is a great Time Arti­cle on the subject.

Does this mean that you can’t do busi­ness on the inter­net? No, not at all. The inter­net is still a safer place to do busi­ness than swip­ing your card in a store. The SSL encryp­tion that the Heart­bleed virus attacks isn’t the same encryp­tion that Banks, many stores & credit card com­pa­nies use. The encryp­tion on my com­puter pro­gram for pro­tect­ing my infor­ma­tion is a 256 rather than the 128 that the SSL is.

Con­tact us if you have any ques­tions & let us know how we may sup­port you in get­ting your­self well protected.

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Creating the New “Be Unlimited LLC

The Cre­ation Process is Fun!

Be Unlimited LLC websiteI always enjoy work­ing with a client who has the patience & excite­ment to cre­ate with. Barbe is just such a client. I have worked with her on many of her web & book projects & this was a project of sim­pli­fi­ca­tion as all her projects were get­ting too spread out.

So we got to start with a clean slate fol­low­ing the pre­miss that less is bet­ter & to make a blog plat­form for Barbe’s Be Unlim­ited LLC arti­cles & her Cre­at­ing Café arti­cles & tie it into her The Cre­at­ing For­mula web­site. We started with the updated Logo & every­thing else we cre­ated from scratch. Now from my past expe­ri­ence I knew what col­ors Barbe liked so that gave us a good head start…

So in a few hours we had Barbe’s new site up & run­ning. With a quick refresher course in edit­ing in Word­Press, she was ready to go & had her first blog up within hours!

Let us know if we may sup­port you in get­ting your pres­ence setup on the Web…

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Why do I want a Web Portfolio

In this time of fast mov­ing peo­ple & jobs, hav­ing a great web port­fo­lio can make the dif­fer­ence of get­ting or not get­ting the posi­tion you desire.

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Welcome to CBC’s Articles

Here is where you can find all the var­i­ous Arti­cles
We have writ­ten on the dif­fer­ent aspects
of how we may sup­port you.

Web Design:

These arti­cles will cover every­thing from cre­at­ing designs to how designs effect your pres­ence & fund­abil­ity on the web.

ePub Cre­ation:

These arti­cles cover all the dif­fer­ent aspects of turn­ing your work into viable & sell­able items on var­i­ous plat­forms like Apple Pub­lisher, Barnes & Noble’s Nook to Amazon’s Kin­dle platform.

Busi­ness Consulting:

These arti­cles will cover sub­jects con­cern­ing being com­pli­ant to all the var­i­ous state & fed­eral laws. How to set up basic account­ing & some of the prob­lems that may arise. How to keep up with all your tax responsibilities.

Career Web Portfolios:

This is a new ser­vice to sup­port you when look­ing for a new job. Online Resumés are a great tool in land­ing a well pay­ing job. Check out our tem­plates or we can cre­ate a cus­tom one for you to see what works for you.

We will cover many of the aspects of our busi­ness that we do to sup­port our clients. Be sure to com­ment us if you have any ques­tions or fur­ther insights into what we are writ­ing about.

Thank you for stop­ping by… Toni & Tim

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Creating Christmas Presents from Your Photos

The Pineneedles Camp Book CoverDo you have some pho­tos that would make a great fam­ily or friend story. We can sup­port you in cre­at­ing every­thing from a sim­ple card to a cof­fee table book with your images. Con­tact us for more infor­ma­tion on how to cre­ate unique gifts that keep on giving…

On the left is the cover of a book I cre­ated for my Mom for Christ­mas last year. What a great suc­cess as she is one of the hard­est peo­ple to by presents for. Plus it is not just a gift you bought in a store. It is a gift from your heart for your loved ones…

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Tim Loomis Photography Face Lift

Cre­at­ing a new site from the old!

Tim Loomis Photography-New SiteIt has been sev­eral years since I updated my pho­tog­ra­phy site. I won­der where the time goes! Seems just like yes­ter­day when I cre­ated my old new look!

What I find fas­ci­nat­ing, I get to watch my own artis­tic growth as I go through these updates. I also get to watch the advance­ments in tech­nol­ogy that seem to come at us at an alarm­ing rate!!! I love them for the most part!!!

I have to thank being in the Shut­ter Works V Show moti­vated me to cre­ate the upgrade & facelift. I wanted the new look to go with my new work!

Will this new look cre­ate more sales? That is a ques­tion that will sup­port me in doing a bet­ter job for you! I can’t wait to find out!!!

Cre­ate a won­der­ful day!


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Finished Elinore Loomis’ Site

Elli’s Site is Done!

Okay, done is a mis­nomer… no web­site is com­pletely ‘done’. A web­site is like a house & you are con­tin­u­ally tweak­ing & fix­ing. Thats what makes it fun!

The Mary Stuart set by Elinore Loomis

I think we have cre­ated a sim­ple site that shows off Elli’s work and the vari­ety of it. Sim­ple to nav­i­gate is a large part of mak­ing a site user friendly.

Elli now has a site that she can use as part of her resume & it will be easy for her to update her­self so she can keep it cur­rent eas­ily. This is a large issue because peo­ple did not keep their infor­ma­tion sites cur­rent if it was hard to do or they had to con­tact me to do it for them.

Great work Elli & what fun work­ing with you & get­ting to know your work a lit­tle better…

 Eli­nore Loomis Set Design Portfolio

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Elinore Loomis Portfolio Website

Cre­at­ing a web­site for my daugh­ter Elli

Elinore Loomis' drawing for the Machinal Set at Ohio State UniversityI love work­ing with my daugh­ter Elli to sup­port her in her grow­ing career. I think she is one of the best stage design­ers around not to men­tion her murals & other cre­ative endeav­ors she is involved in! I am biased and check out her site to see for yourself!

The site is still in processes. We have the basic lay­out put together. It is a com­bi­na­tion HTML & hosted Word­Press. She wanted to keep the theme sim­ple & very mono­chrome to show off the images of her pro­duc­tions in the best light. Check out what we have come up with so far.

The Machinal Set by Elinore Loomis

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Is Your Business Compliant?

What does that mean?

Com­pli­ance means that your busi­ness is fol­low­ing the var­i­ous state & fed­eral laws around run­ning a busi­ness in your city or state.

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