Distinctive Websites That Represent You & Your Business

"I have had the opportunity to work with Tim and Toni Loomis as they supported me in defining myself on the world wide web.  As we interacted, they allowed me to determine who I was going to be, providing me with suggestions and recommendations and never pressing me to develop and launch a website with which I was not comfortable.  The outcome of this unique and incredible support is a website which is beautiful and distinctive and which represents me as who I am and what I bring to the world. Tim and Toni, through their web design knowledge and their coaching skills, create a perfect balance for the individual seeking to find themselves and their business.  Thank you Tim and Toni.  I am proud to be your client (and your friend)."    ~ Barbe Ratcliffe, 'The Shift Guru'

"Thanks to both of you, I'm at the Health Freedom Expo now and its going great! The ebook definitely lends credibility in the big scheme of things. I've gotten an invite to speak in DC as well as participate as a grassroots lobbyist. It will not be boring! Love you both!"
~ Dr. Mary Zennett

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